Support package

Total support for you and your site visitors from the support team at DAC, through a two step process.

1) Verify the reported issue...

DAC will determine if the issue is with your web page or product, or if its with the user's assistive technology.

If the issue is due to their assistive technology, DAC will contact the user directly and help them address it.

If not, DAC will get to work, analysing the problem on your web site/web page to provide you with the solution.

2) Analyse and solve...

  1. Analyse the issue and identify the cause.
  2. Provide a short report with options for a fix.
  3. Deliver a code snippet (if required).
  4. Implement a code fix (if required).
  5. Send you a sign off certificate.
  6. Advise the reporting user.
  7. Let your customer know (if required).